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Am I an advert for Christ Featured

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Jesus came from the courts of Glory, He left all of that and sacrificed himself for you and I. Jesus was willing to break friendships with the Pharisees so that the people who were deemed as sinners would be saved. Jesus made all these wonderful sacrifices and it's our duty as Christians, as disciples, as followers of Christ to obtain the same spirit. But nonetheless there's a problem because I know I don't have that spirit so therefore the question has to be how do I get that spirit of sacrifice.

If I want to be a footballer, what do I do? I would attend every training session, hang around with fellow professional footballers and get associated with everything that has to do with football. If we want to have that spirit of sacrifice, if we want to have that spirit that Jesus has we need to be around Jesus, we need to associate ourselves with the things of Christ. We need to be around Jesus and if we can be around Jesus more we will reflect Christ. The more we are around Christ the more we would live for others rather than ourselves.

I'm going to make a bold statement, if I've had this encounter with God, if I've had this connection with God it is impossible to stay quiet , it is impossible to keep my mouth shut. The bible says taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34 :8). Now if any of my friends ask me what drink should I buy, I would suggest Ribena Strawberry. Why you may ask, Because I've tasted it and it's the best drink on this planet, so therefore if anyone buys Ribena Strawberry they are going to buy it in faith knowing that Raymond has already had it so therefore because Raymond has experienced it must taste good so let me try it... Your testimony your encounter your story is the most powerful thing on this planet to save somebody, the only thing that is stopping us from testifying about God's goodness is if we haven't tasted and seen it but the last time I checked God woke us up this morning so how have we not tasted and seen it.

Understand that God has given us this gospel work, he's invited us to go and usher in the people. God says this, he could have given this opportunity to Moses, God could have given this opportunity to Daniel and God could have given this opportunity to so many of these big and great patriarchs. God could have given the mission to Angels who are perfect but God says I have CHOSEN YOU! God says I didn't just call you but I CHOSE YOU, for the mere fact that you're reading this doesn't just show that you're called but it shows that you've been handpicked for this generation. God says that you're a man of unclean lips, you're a man who blasphemes with those lips, but I plan to use those very same lips that have blasphemed to preach my gospel. Jesus says that your hands are filthy but I plan to use those very same hands to open up the word and teach people, now we understand as children of God that we are saved by grace through faith but it doesn't just stop there , the bible teaches us that we are to grow in grace.

If I have a gym membership and say I want to get Hench because I'm too skinny it's not enough to just have the gym membership I need to go to the gym and workout , I need to pick up some weights and eventually after going to the gym I would get bigger. In order for us to grow we need to be abiding in the bible, we need to abide in Jesus, the bible says without the branches abiding in the vine they can't produce fruit, so that shows me that when your abiding in Christ you don't need to go into your phone book or in your notepad and write a date about when you're going to witness because you are the witness. Ezekiel breaks it down and says let the Lord God sanctify himself in his heart that the heathen may know that he is God (Ezekiel 36: 23). The greatest sermon, the greatest event the greatest bible study is your life.

Bro Raymond Agyemang 

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