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Why do I need Christ ? Featured

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                                                                                              Why do I need Christ?

I know about God's love for man but the question rings, why do I need Christ? I got everything I need, I got a family, I got certified friends I got all my mandem around me I got all my girls around me, I got the fame I get banging likes and favourites on social media, I've even got Brazilian weave but why do I need Christ?
I know for a fact that while your reading this even now there's something in your heart, there's something that tugs you that gives you that dig and you're asking yourself –
                                                                                                    Am I happy?
                                                                                         Have I got everything I need?
                                                                                         Have I got everything I want?
                                                                                         Is there something missing in my life?
                                                                                                     Am I fulfilled?

If I were to ask you to choose between life and death you; you would choose life – right? Again, if I were to ask you why a car needs petrol, the answer is obvious because the car needs to get to its destination. Furthermore, if I were to ask you another question - why do I need a teacher? Again, the answer is obvious so I could get good grades. Now considering that many of us will chose life that means that we need Christ because the Bible says that "in Him was life and his life was the light of men" (John 1:4). So you're still asking, why do I need Christ? Because the wages of sin - you know the things that we do on a day to day basis that goes against God leads to death but the gift of God is eternal life. So in this scenario there are three things that could happen I could accept the gift, I could decline the gift or I could accept the gift but use it the wrong way. What do I mean? Imagine there's a homeless man and you know this man is hungry and is in need of money to get food from a café. You give him the money and he goes into Starbucks and he gets his cup and puts it on the ground outside Stratford train station (where he sits), people walk past him and they're generous so they fill his cup with money not knowing this man is also a drug addict. His purpose was to get the food but he chooses to go and buy drugs.

What's my point? Do you accept the gift because you're scared of damnation and hell's flames or do you accept it because you see you're in need of a Saviour (Jesus Christ)? Do you accept it because you see that you need God in your life? Do you accept it because you struggle every day and you're in need of power to see you through the day? The question still rings, why do I need Christ? Paul said in Romans 7:18, I know that there's nothing good in me, I know what's right and I know what's wrong but I don't know how to perform what is good. I go throughout my day and I see things and I know it's wrong but what about when I want to do it, what about when I get tempted and I chose to do wrong. Paul asked a question he said oh wretched man that I'm who not what shall deliver me from this body of death and the answer is found in verse 25. He said I thank the Lord for Christ Jesus. But let's make this personal now, why do I Raymond need Christ, why do I need Him when I go out my house, when I wake up every morning? I get tempted just like you,I'm nothing.

You're reading this and you might think I'm perfect but I've fallen just like you. Jesus says I have been tempted in all points just like you but I overcame so therefore I'm able to give help to those who are tempted this is why I need Christ because I'm weak I can't do what's good so Christ says I will give you help to overcome your weaknesses, your flaws, your difficulties. Okay you like pornography, you like fornication, you like drinking, you like doing wrong and sinning but God says that I will give you power to overcome those things. You might ask the question again, why do I need Christ? The bible says there's no other name among men whereby we must be saved and that is why you need Christ.

Bro Raymond Agyemang 

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