Our goal is to bring all men in the church together to empower each other to be effective as men in the home, church, work place and wherever we find ourselves.

Our meetings are open to all male members of the congregation from the ages of 13 upwards. Discussions during our meetings are structured to make them lively and interesting to all ages.

We liaise with the youth department in the church to jointly hold seminars and conferences to empower the youth who are the future custodians of the faith. We believe practical and open discussion with our young men so we can understand their views, and we can in turn pass on our life experiences to them so that they will be inspired to achieve higher goals in life.

Topics discussed at our meetings, which takes place regulary is practical and interactive, allowing everyone the opportunity to share their experiences and ideas.

Deliberations during our meetings are facilitated by both professionals from within and outside the congregation, and cover a variety of topics such as spiritual stability as Christian men, financial planning & management, and health issues these meetings are held in Dagenham and help bring us all together as we meet our district Pastor ( Rev.Dr. Benjamin Debrah)

We organise special events such as sports activies where all the men team up and show off their skills , we also play other branches within Church Of Pentecost and other Churches as we believe this helps build our faith within each-other.

For more information about the Men’s Ministry, please contact the church office via the contact page. God bless you as you aspire to be the Man God has ordained you to be.